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 Capsus – Just Starting

29 Tuesday Jan 2013

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  • (c) Pauline Vigneau

What makes this production company unique is its working environment, in fact, the studio is located in the Lesponne valley in the Hautes-Pyrénées. Given the beauty of the setting, they have nothing to envy about Hollywood, absolutely nothing! Specialized in producing promotional, artistic, or even documentary films, Capsus has a particular view of the world and has a disconcerting ease in synergizing sport or other creative activities with a totally different culture, thus making their works moving and atypical and making this-company family, a Pyrenean pride.

Toro Y Moi – Anything In Return

24ThursdayJan 2013

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This young American is one of the leaders of chillwave, a musical movement created a little over two years ago and including Washed Out and Neon Indian. In a psychedelic style, drugged with great synth blows and effects of all kinds, the only watchword of this movement is to hover, to rest, and… to chill!

Real name Chazwick Bundick is out this week, his new album… 

Anything In Return includes 13 tracks forming, in the end, a rather heterogeneous whole. Admittedly, not everything is excellent but we listen to the album in one go while still getting our kicks. To listen to while jogging, skiing, in the car, on the plane or even to brighten up a lesson in the sociology of lost civilizations…

Juan Dark – Street Art

18FridayJan 2013

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After Francisco Pez’s superb “digital art” exhibition, it’s Juan Dark’s turn to present his paintings at the Tarbais artistic center, Le Chaudron.

“This “street artist” denounces in his works what shocks and revolts him, he castigates the consumer society while showing us what touches him and makes him vibrate…”

Mountaineering – North Face Taillon

17 Thursday Jan 2013

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Let’s leave aside the skiing and the few meters of very fresh snow to read the report of four young mountaineers who set off to do the north face of the Taillon.

Payolle, BC

15Mardijan 2013

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Avec toute cette neige fraîche, il a été difficile pour l’équipe de rester les bras croisés près de la cheminée. Le problème c’est qu’avec le fort cumul de neige tombé ces dernières heures et le vent, les stations sont restées fermées. Du coup, on a sorti les peaux et nous sommes allés faire un tour en forêt.

Direction Payolle!


Pour monter au col d’Aspin, pas besoin de pneus neige ni de chaines, seulement une bonne paire de fat et des peaux suffisent !


On monte par la route avant de rejoidre la forêt, la trace est pénible, ça brasse pas mal pour Pauline !

CSC_0157 copier
  • (c) Pauline Vigneau

Les conditions de neige nous téléportent directement en Colombie Britannique, les virages sont tout simplement féeriques! Malgré le mauvais temps, on a pas eu à regretter le déplacement…

Corridor NW of Campana

12SaturdayJan 2013

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Here is another nice outing to do from Super-Barèges!
Decidedly at the moment, we are only talking to you about this corner, but what a corner all the same!

A quickly accessible corridor, we start from the car park at 1700m to reach the summit at 2300m.

sky diving

We go up the 200m of the corridor, without too much “brewing”.

sky diving

The setting is simply magnificent, the narrowness and the angulation (45°) plunge us into a beautiful atmosphere…

sky diving

 The descent is done in light snow, 10 to 15 cm of fresh snow, it’s rather pleasant here for Bastien.

La Bonida – Corridor E

07MondayJan 2013

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Here is a pretty corridor not far from the ski resort of Barèges in the valley of Lake Oncet.
La Bonita offers lovers of steep slopes three superb corridors quickly accessible from the Super-Barèges sector with 800 meters of vertical drop.

We start to climb in the corridor (35°)

sky diving

As you climb the slope steepens (40°)

sky diving

We come out at the top at 2500 meters with a nice slope under our feet (45°).
We encountered very good snow conditions, allowing us to take full advantage of the descent.

sky diving

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