Clemens Habicht 100 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle – CMYK Gradient

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(as of Nov 20,2022 18:30:25 UTC – Details)

For people with smaller hands.
Clemens Habicht's 100 COLORS is a CMYK jigsaw puzzle of 100 pieces, each tile is an individual color and the task is to place each color exactly in relation to every other color.
Following on in spirit and scale from 1000 COLORS, fewer pieces means larger tiles for smaller hands. With larger jumps between neighboring color values 100 COLORS is less daunting but similarly challenging as its older brother and suitable for all ages from 3 up.  Completed puzzle is 17" x 17"
100 piece jigsaw puzzle of CMYK gradient colors
Each tile is an individual colour
Place each colour in relation to the other colours
A conventional puzzle box with the traditional shape of puzzle pieces
Assembled dimensions: 17″ square

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