Varomorus Durable OXALIC Acid 12V Vaporizer VARROA MITE Treatment

Price: $49.95
(as of Nov 20,2022 13:27:53 UTC – Details)

VAROMORUS DURABLE OXALIC ACID 12V VAPORIZER EVAPORATOR VARROA MITES TREATMENTThese electric vaporizers are used for bee colonies treatment with the acid vapor (an acid of sorrel, formic acid).
It is a perfect decision for the treatment of bee colonies in the hive with formic acid vapor or other medicines to create favorable conditions for them annually.
Made of a durable aircraft 6061 aluminum!
It comes with the improved cords: 55 inches long (145 cm).
Top Quality Vaporizer is made for a long-term service.
Source of power: Car Battery.
Tolerances supply voltage: 12V ± 10%.
Size of the heating element: 65X55X12 mm
Heater’s working space dimensions: 40X30X10 mm
Length, without cord: 45 cm / 18 inches
Cord length: 140 cm / 55 inches / 4.6 feet.
The temperature of the working part: 250 C degrees.
Heating time to operating temperature: not more than 2-3 minutes.
Fast shipping from Florida.
Easy to use. Fast heating.
Fast shipping from Amazon.
Most effective varroa mite treatment.
Improved design for the comfortable using.
Durable and powerful, made from top quality materials.

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