Intra Freedoms – Pillars of Creation 1000 Pieces – Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces – Challenge Yourself with 1000 Piece Puzzles for Adults and Teens – Premium Quality Hard Puzzle 1000 Piece.

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The Eagle Nebulas “PILLARS OF CREATION” As captured by the Hubble Telescope! Intra Freedoms “pillars of creation” aesthetically pleasing puzzle that is beautiful, unique, and challenging. This puzzle is made from a high-resolution image captured by NASA’S Hubble telescope. This is a fun puzzle that provides hours of entertainment and enjoyment to adults, teens, and kids. The colors are rich and vibrant and You’ll find this a joy to complete! Any 1000 piece puzzle is difficult to complete and with such an intricate design, you’ll find this puzzle a challenge. Adults and kids of all ages will find this a joy to build every step of the way. This puzzle makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys outer space, the beauty of our universe, NASA, and of course a difficult challenge. You could even frame this puzzle and put it on your wall as a beautiful piece of art to add to your home decor. Complete it by yourself, or with friends and family. Or, you can even use it as a team building exercise to help foster patience and cooperation. Also a great tool to increase problem solving, hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Our jigsaw puzzles are made from high quality, durable recycled paper with unique precision cut shapes. Each piece snaps into the next perfectly. Completed size is 70×50 CM (approximately 27.5×19.7 Inches). MISSING PIECE GUARANTEE
A look into deep space – Enjoy the views of the Eagle Nebulas “Pillars Of Creation” through the eyes of the Hubble telescope.
Hours of fun with friends and family – A great way to spend quality time with your loved ones!
High quality puzzle – Made from high quality recycled materials with a unique die cut which makes every piece different
Challenge yourself – Put your skills to the test with our difficult 1000 piece puzzles for adults.
Bonus poster – Full color bonus poster included to help complete the puzzle.
Completed size – 27.6×19.7in (70x50cm)

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