1 lb (Pound) Summerville Crazy Lace Agate Banded Rock Natural Rough Cabbing Tumbling by Little Bit Rough

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The Little Bit Rough brand of Crazy Lace Agate rough you are ordering is 100% natural and mined myself, in the small town of Summerville, Georgia, located in, Chattooga County. The Crazy lace Agate found here has beautiful patterning and more creamy colors, making it perfect for tumbling, polishing, cabbing, cutting, or wire wrapping. It can even be kept in its natural form and used in home decor projects, or aquariums. Your order will contain multiple pieces of Natural/Rough Crazy Lace Agates, therefore each will vary in size, shape and they will contain different colors and patterns. Your order is will look contain pieces that look similar to those shown in the images. Each crazy lace agate is hand selected by myself when filling each order, and you will receive the weight which is equal to or greater than the weight purchased. VERY IMPORTANT: This is rough natural material which means you are receiving it exactly how it came out of the ground. All pictures were taken with the stones being wet which helps to show the true colors and clarity. It may not have the same appearance when dry unless it has been polished, tumbled, or cabbed. Sizes may vary from our images, though I try to keep each piece measuring somewhere between 1/2″-6″ inches. The stones may be smaller or larger than the pictures, and you might even get some crystal quartz druzy, since it’s commonly found in this kind of crazy lace!! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tjede at Little Bit Rough, prior to purchase so we can ensure you will have the best buying experience possible!
* 1 pound of crazy lace agate, mined by myself in Summerville, Georgia. Each 1 Pound order will consist of pieces measuring between 1/2”-4”. The rocks you receive will vary in size, shape, color, patterning, and all other natural characteristics depending on how Mother Nature made them in the Earth.
* The colors will be those similar to the colors shown in the photos. The color of the bands will vary, as each rock is different. Most of the crazy lace in our area consists of various shades of brown, blue, gray, red, pink, and white.
* Rocks are shown wet in the photos so you know how they’ll appear after polishing. They will NOT look like this when you receive them; they are rough, unpolished rock. Your selection will not be the exact rocks shown in the photos but will be very similar in size and shape.
* Though some start out with smooth, with no cavities, “Summerville” Crazy Lace Agate are not an all around smooth type of rock. They tend to have lots of cavities, and botryoidal formations, that make it difficult to get a completely smooth, rounded finish product after tumbling.
* Each piece of crazy lace agate is hand selected by myself, to ensure you get a good variety of colors, and patterns, along with the best quality possible.


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