Ice Cream Tubes – The End of the Story

In our little corner of paradise In our little corner of paradise, there is a young videographer who raises the level of a floor every year. His plans are magnificent and his work in post-production monstrous. Geek (in the good sense of the word), he knew how to use the internet as an incredible cultural … Read more

Pow-wow Mag Capsus – Just Starting

 Capsus – Just Starting 29 Tuesday Jan 2013 Published by rogerlabonne in Baz’art (c) Pauline Vigneau What makes this production company unique is its working environment, in fact, the studio is located in the Lesponne valley in the Hautes-Pyrénées. Given the beauty of the setting, they have nothing to envy about Hollywood, absolutely nothing! Specialized in producing promotional, artistic, or even … Read more