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Open AltiToy Ternua 2013

01FridayFeb 2013

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To put it simply, this weekend will take place THE benchmark ski mountaineering competition in the Pyrenees, and without being ( too ) chauvinistic, we can say that this race is now of international caliber!


Indeed, the Altitoy has been part of the challenge called La grande course since this year. It appears alongside legendary competitions such as the Pierra Menta or the Patrouille des Glaciers.
A superb event with a technical course. On the program: vertiginous ridges, corridors, and a running start from the heart of the village of Luz Saint Sauveur…

Two days of racing and no less than 4,500 meters of elevation for course A are enough to leave lasting memories for all the participants and the supporters who will be invited to come in large numbers to the summits of the Toy country.

Recent weather events have led to changes in the choice of different routes. For more information, I invite you to visit the competition’s official website.

 Capsus – Just Starting

29 Tuesday Jan 2013

Published by rogerlabonne in Baz’art

  • (c) Pauline Vigneau

What makes this production company unique is its working environment, in fact, the studio is located in the Lesponne valley in the Hautes-Pyrénées. Given the beauty of the setting, they have nothing to envy about Hollywood, absolutely nothing! Specialized in producing promotional, artistic, or even documentary films, Capsus has a particular view of the world and has disconcerting ease in synergizing sport or other creative activities with a totally different culture, thus making their works moving and atypical and making this-company family, a Pyrenean pride. read more…

Payolle, BC

15Mardijan 2013

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Avec toute cette neige fraîche, il a été difficile pour l’équipe de rester les bras croisés près de la cheminée. Le problème c’est qu’avec le fort cumul de neige tombé ces dernières heures et le vent, les stations sont restées fermées. Du coup, on a sorti les peaux et nous sommes allés faire un tour en forêt. read more…