From Brittany Aldean to Lauren Akins, Here Are Some of the Most-Followed Country Music Spouses

These wives & husbands are making names for themselves on social media -- and sometimes courting controversy along the way.

They might not be topping the Billboard charts like their country-superstar partners, but a handful of Nashville wives & husbands have become celebrities in their own right as social media influencers

often posts about product endorsements, beauty hints, cooking tips, business recommendations, childcare suggestions

On Thursday, Billboard reported that Jason Aldeanā€™s longtime publicity firm, The GreenRoom PR, parted ways with their client of 17 years.

posted comments on her Instagram feed including ā€œIā€™d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase,ā€ followed by criticism of gender-affirming care.