King Charles stopped by a man saying 'while we struggle to heat homes we have to pay for your parade'

King Charles met well-wishers in Cardiff on a tour on Friday. yet was heckled by one of the members of the public about the ongoing cost of living crisis and taxpayers' money.

New King was in the Welsh capital as part of his tour visiting the devolved nations while one fan gifted His Majesty a pen another person decided to confront him on the issues of the day.

the protester said. "While we struggle to heat our homes, we have to pay for your parade,"

In response, King appeared to awkwardly say "oh" and swiftly turned away from the man.

Though this didn't put the protester off from continuing to communicate his message to the monarch, as he added: "We pay £100 million for you - and what for?"

The clip shows King Charles ignoring the heckler's question as he shook hands and greeted well-wishers.