1.Walter White - Breaking Bad (2008-2013) While fans were compelled by watching a seemingly evil lead character like Tony Soprano,

Breaking Bad delivered one of the greatest character journeys in television history as Walter White traveled further down his destructive path.

2.Tyrion Lannister - Game Of Thrones (2011-2019) With such a massive cast, Game of Thrones features many fan-favorite characters, but Tyrion Lannister emerged as the show's most popular very early on.

He was an outcast in this dangerous world yet somehow managed to survive thanks to his considerable intellect.

Tyrion delivered some of the best lines in the show, some of them hilarious and others heartbreaking.

3.Tony Soprano - The Sopranos (1999-2007) It's clear that The Sopranos was a game-changing show in television history and Tony Soprano was a protagonist that was unlike any viewers had seen before.

The show asked fans to care about this man as they witnessed him commit all sorts of crimes, including murdering a man with his bare hands in an early episode.

4.Chandler Bing - Friends (1994-2004) Though Friends was very much an ensemble show about the six central characters, Chandler Bing seemed to stand above the rest in the eyes of many fans.

His sarcastic and quippy sense of humor would be mimicked in endless future sitcoms without ever being quite as good.

5.Michael Scott - The Office (2005-2013) As much as the original The Office was a terrific show, the US remake dwarfed its success in some ways.

Part of the reason for its success was due to the painfully yet hilarious awkward boss Michael Scott.

6.Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad (2008-2013) While Breaking Bad was mostly seen as Walter White's gradual transformation to the dark side, Jesse Pinkman revealing himself to be a decent person.

Early in the series, he served as the amazing comedic relief of an immature and reckless drug dealer. However, as the show went on, he revealed a very kind heart.

7.Joker - Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995) Even with one of the most iconic heroes of all time, sometimes it is just more fun to be the villain.

Batman: The Animated Series not only delivered one of the most acclaimed takes on the Caped Crusader but also his arch-nemesis with Mark Hamill's portrayal of Joker.

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8.Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock (2010-2017) The character of Sherlock Holmes has been around for well over a century,

but the combination of Benedict Cumberbatch and a modern take brought new life to the famous sleuth. Sherlock imagined Holmes operating as an eccentric detective in the 21st century.

9.Bugs Bunny - Looney Tunes Cartoons have been a very important part of television history since its early days and there are few cartoon characters as iconic as Bugs Bunny.

10.Arya Stark - Game Of Thrones (2011-2019) There have been many young television characters who audiences have been able to watch grow over the run of a series,

Arya began the show as a little girl trying to find her own path in the world & ended up becoming perhaps the greatest warrior in Westeros. Even when Arya was stuck in some disappointing storylines,