Tory MPs 'plot to oust next PM by Christmas to bring Boris back'

Boris Johnson could soon be back in Number 10 thanks to a plot launched by warring Conservative MPs, who want to force a leadership vote by Christmas.

A group of twelve disgruntled Tories is already organizing to oust Liz Truss should she become Prime Minister.

Speaking with the Sunday Mirror, one top Tory MP said: ‘Liz Truss is not very bright, has poor judgment, she’s the worst possible choice for PM.’

Tories hatching the plan will need to obtain 54 signatures from fellow MPs in order to trigger a leadership challenge, or confidence vote, which they hope to obtain before the new year.

If enough MPs voted against the new PM, they would need to step down and there would then be another leadership contest, which could potentially bring Boris Johnson back to the top job.

But not all are happy with the prospect of devoting even more time to resolving internal matters.

‘This is madness,’ one Tory MP said. ‘The country won’t wear 160,000 Conservative members choosing another PM, especially a retread. We’ll end up with a general election.’

Yet rebels have fired back and said the only chance the party has to win the next election is with Boris at the helm